Public Health and Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Council




Terms of Reference for the Appointment of an Internal Audit Firm


[1] The PHSDSBC has, amongst others, as its objectives, the maintenance and promotion of labour peace within the public health and social development sector, prevention and resolution of labour disputes, promotion of collective bargaining, improvement of its image as to the employees in the sector;

[2] The PHSDSBC, as a creature of statute, derives its mandate from section 28 and section 30 of the LRA, which includes, inter alia, the conclusion of negotiated collective agreements on matters of mutual interest and the prevention and resolution of labour disputes. In order to deliver on the foregoing mandate, the Council rely on the levies it receives from the employer and employees;

[3] The Council, as part of strengthening its internal control environment has resolved to appoint an internal audit firm to perform the following functions.

Terms of reference

[4] Assess and review the adequacy of the internal control systems, on a quarterly basis, with the view of strengthening them, on a continuous basis.

[5] Evaluate the adequacy of the risk management system, on a quarterly basis, with the view of strengthening them, on a continuous basis.

[6] Perform any other necessary internal audit function, with the view of ensuring that the governance of the Council is strengthened.

[7] The Internal Audit Firm will be appointed for a period of a year, with an option of renewal on an annual basis, when successful.

[8] to provide a quotation on the aforementioned terms of reference.

Internal Audit Services (Ref 01/2019)

Mpumelelo Sibiya
PHSDSBC: General Secretary
17 September 2019



The PHSDSBC shall be entitled, within its sole and entire discretion, to cancel this call for  proposals at any time and shall notify the service providers accordingly. The PHSDSBC shall in no way be liable for any damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, damages for loss of profit, in any way connected with the cancellation of this call for proposal procedure. The publication of an invitation to call for proposals does not commit the PHSDSBC to appoint any of the qualifying service providers.