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Dispute Management Overview


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Step 1: If you have a labour problem, it is very important that you take steps immediately. In the case of an unfair dismissal dispute, you have only 30 days from the date on which the dispute arose to open a case, if the case is an unfair labour practice, you have only 90 days to lodge a dispute with the Council. View Online Referral Process here.

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Step 2: If you have decided to lodge a dispute, you need to complete the PHSDSBC referral form (also known as PHSDSBC Form 7.11.). These forms are available from the PHSDSBC offices and this website

Step 3: Once you have completed the form, you need to ensure that a copy is delivered to the other party and you must be able to prove that a copy was sent. Acceptable methods include faxing a copy (keep the fax transmission slip), sending it by registered mail (keep the postal receipt), send it by courier (keep proof) or deliver in person (ask the person receiving it to sign for it).

Step 4: You do not have to bring the referral form to the PHSDSBC in person. You may also fax the form or post it. Make sure that a copy of the proof that the form had been served on the other party is also enclosed.

Step 5: The PHSDSBC will inform both parties as to the date, time and venue of the first hearing.


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