Public Health and Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Council

Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to be a world class bargaining Council.


Our mission is to promote labour peace in the public health and social development sectors of South Africa by:

  1. Engaging in constructive collective bargaining regarding issues of mutual interests to all the parties to the Council; and
  2. Facilitating dispute prevention measures to pre-empt the occurrence of disputes within the sector and the resolution of all sector-wide labour disputes speedily and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.


The table below provides a full outline of the Council’s values, as an organisation and the basis for interaction between parties to the Council, the Council itself, the Secretariat and external stakeholders, as well as anyone else who comes into contact with the Council.

Values Supporting Statements
Sound relations The Council manages and navigates a myriad of relations with internal and external stakeholders and service providers at all times. Managing these relations with integrity, mutual respect and professionalism will represent the highest priority for all in the Council.
Harmony As a multilateral entity the Council will always be mindful of the interests (even when sometimes opposing) of its parties and shall treat such diversity as a strength and a cornerstone of the fulfilment of its mission. Against this background, the Council shall go to great lengths and efforts to accommodate parties and to manage inter-party relations in a manner that will promote harmony and peaceful coexistence.
Ethics The Council, the Executive Commitee ExCo, the Chambers, the Secretariat and all who do business in the name of the Council will uphold the highest ethical standards of conduct. The Council’s ethical conduct will be guided first and foremost by the respect for and adherence to the country’s constitution, its laws and the constitution, rules and regulations of the Council. The Council will ensure that all in its ‘family’ is capacitated to lead an ethical existence. Consequently, unethical behaviour and conduct will not be tolerated and dealt with appropriately.
Fairness Fairness shall guide our every action as well as our behaviour as we interact with parties to the Council, employees who seek relief from the Council and all our stakeholders. The Council shall always dispense its services in a fair and impartial manner without fear or favour; shall demand to be treated in a fair and just manner by those who come into contact with it.
Skills The Council values professionalism and competent services and conduct and commits to ensuring that all representatives of parties to the Council, the Secretariat and other service providers will be appropriately skilled and capacitated to fulfil their duties with confidence and distinction.

SHEFS (Sound relations, Harmony, Ethics, Fairness and Skills) shall be the way of life in the Council and will inspire all of us to go the extra mile in the pursuit of our mission of promoting labour peace in our sector.